• BOT COLONY English Conversation with Machines
  • BOT COLONY English as a Second Language
  • BOT COLONY The First Intelligent Dialogue Game
  • BOT COLONY – Play to Learn™
  • BOT COLONY AI that Talks

North Side's story

North Side Inc. technology enables people to interface with applications naturally, by speaking in English or typing. We believe that interaction with computers will be more efficient (perhaps even enjoyable), when you’ll be able to tell a computer, in your own words, what you want it to do, and the computer will understand you. We’ve developed an English dialogue pipeline that is useful in interactive applications that interface with human users. Some of these applications are:

  • Intelligent Assistants and mobile computing
  • automated attendants
  • semantic search (query with different words and still get what you’re looking for)
  • intelligent help
  • e-commerce
  • language teaching (ESL)
  • video games
  • language-based 3D animation
Our software is deployed on online servers, and supports language access to any user-specified facts or procedural knowledge (in English), ontologies, database objects, and 3D scenes. Our first application is Bot Colony, the first videogame to make intelligent dialogue an integral part of the experience.