North Side — we’re the developers of Bot Colony

Bot Colony is the first videogame that uses English to control character behaviour.

Characters manipulate objects and interact with each other in settings like a house, an airport, or an Oil Rig. These actions are controlled using English scripts and English commands.

North Side developed situated Natural Language Understanding to enable characters to manipulate objects and understand their 3D environment.

Our Perla tool scales up this idea of controlling characters using language, enabling end-user control of character actions and verbal behaviour in any setting - just using English and point-and-click.

Compelling VR & Metaverse experiences created by end-users

Goal-oriented characters with rich personalities, quasi-emotions and memory, who understand language and can speak will enable compelling VR/metaverse experiences. Such experiences can be built entirely by end-users, without 3D animators or programmers.

Language-driven character animation is 10,000 times faster than traditional animation and enables 3D storytelling by anyone. The removal of the programming barrier by PerlaTM will enable a new asset economy for language-enabled assets, that will benefit many creators.

PerlaTM has multiple applications in storytelling, simulation, work process design, visualization and training, film previsualization, mission or business planning, presentations, etc.

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Bot Colony [redux]
Launching summer 2023

A Bot Colony prototype was launched in Early Access on June 2014. In a nutshell, the core technologies required to deliver the immersive Bot Colony experience we envisioned to deliver were not ready then. Fast forward to 2023: Bot Colony (redux) will be launched in the summer on the Unreal platform, with conversation is powered by ChatGPT and improved speech-to-text and text-to-speech.

Watch for Bot Colony [redux] on Steam, summer 2023