April 2020 Update


Bot Colony switches to the Unreal engine

Feasibility tests to continue Bot Colony development on Unreal
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Bot Colony
The first videogame where intelligent conversation with 3D characters is the main game mechanic.

In Bot Colony, players interact with intelligent, environment aware1, fully-interactive robots2.

Robots move in a 3D environment with physics and can manipulate any moveable object in the space. They are able to learn and immediately use new commands. They remember and can answer questions about what they did, saw, or heard in the past – helping maintain suspension of disbelief and significantly increase immersion in VR.

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The key game mechanic in Bot Colony is natural, context-aware conversation, where players speak with a robot as they would speak with a person, clarifying what they meant when they’re not understood. We’ve seen real engagement in the form of 3 - 4 hour game sessions with 400 – 500 dialogue turns. To increase immersion, we’ve integrated Microsoft Cognitive speech-to-text which has superb accuracy, enabling playing through speech, typing or a combination of both.

1. able to describe the 3D scene, answer questions about any object in the 3D scene, and understand spatial relations in 3D.

2. can be commanded by the player to move, manipulate objects, and so on.


Bot Colony – a Video Game Featuring Intelligent Language-Based Interaction with the Characters Bot Colony : The AI sim that's 11 years in the making

Bot Colony—Play To Learn™

In Bot Colony - Play to Learn, players can practice English conversation - by speaking or typing.


Jimmy’s World

Nathan is showing some work in progress on Jimmy's World. Jimmy will learn from you and compete against other player chatbots' in Jeopardy! - like contests.

Jimmy’s World sneak preview