If you say/type "Go to the fridge, open the door, squat, reach for..." you see the text-to-animation above.

Say It, See It!™

A VR/AR, Simulation, Visualisation solution

Controlling 3D character performance through language (speech or typing) is roughly 1,000 times faster than manual animation. Say It, See It! is an open toolkit bringing language-based animation capabilities to the Unreal 4 engine. Import your own scenes and characters and bring them to life by speaking or typing.


VR and AR, to enable intelligent, autonomous, environment-aware, conversation capable avatars (don’t need a person behind a VR character).

Rapid simulation of human interaction with other people, equipment and objects, or the 3D environment – for mission planning, project visualization, etc.

Film shot planning, storytelling, virtual movie making–animate from English scripts.

Architectural and infrastructure (visualize people interacting with equipment, objects and each other in the future space/venue).

Training (how to training, language training)

More Information

Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Understanding in a 3D environment) enables a new, lucrative infrastructure and architectural solution that will amaze and delight your clients: rapidly, easily, cost-effectively visualizing people moving, interacting, manipulating things, communicating with each other in the venues and buildings you design.

Why it’s faster

Visualizing people using the future (or remodeled) space, communicating with their co-workers and clients, interacting with the space, the furniture and the equipment in it, interacting with tools and materials – can all be done today using 3D animation. However, such 3D animation requires specialized skills (3D modeling artists, 3D riggers and animators, lighting artists), is long to create, expensive and not easy to change - while tradeoffs between alternative solutions need to be explored rapidly. We can help you visualize people in action in the space with 3D animation very easily, rapidly and cost-effectively, and changing use scenarios at the speed of thought.

Controlling virtual characters in simple English is about 1,000 faster than traditional animations. North Side first deployed text-to-animation technology in its Bot Colony videogame launched in 2014. Bot Colony was the first videogame to use language to control and interact with characters. We’ve been constantly improving our NLU technology and are packaging it now with the Unreal engine in a tool called Say It, See It!™

How it works

In a nutshell, Say It, See It! understands any English sentence involving a 3D environment. With Say It, See It!™ , you’ll be able to rapidly demonstrate how the future space will work using virtual characters that represent users, employees, customers or suppliers. You’ll direct the virtual characters’ actions in simple English: movement, interaction with staff members, colleagues, with venue users, manipulation of objects, equipment, vehicles, etc – happen instantly as one speaks or types to the computer. Say It, See It!™ generates a 3D real-time simulation showing people doing actions in the future or re-modelled space, interacting with the people and objects there – just from the English description of their actions. Interaction includes verbal interaction—the characters recognize objects and spatial relations in their environment, they remember what they saw or heard, they know about human objectives and tasks - and can answer questions.

Text-to-animation technology proof of concept.


The resulting simulation looks like a movie blending architecture, industrial design, interior design, work process design, product design and ergonomics into a holistic, animated visualization. You or your client will be able to make changes to the simulation on the fly just by speaking (or typing) to it. With recent progress in capturing the geometry of existing structures using phone cameras or laser scanners, the technology can also be applied to designing the transformation of existing structures (CAD and BIM would be used for new projects).

Say It, See It!™ can be used to explore how to redesign (or design from scratch) a venue like an airport, a park, a hospital, a plant - or even exploring interactions in an office. Any place where people interact with things and with each other could be visualized.

Have a project?

We are looking to partner with leading infrastructure and architectural firms interested to work with us to refine the prototype Say It, See It!™ technology and deploy it on projects where it can make a difference.