Wealth Management

VerbalAccess, the Dialog Graph and SenseBased can be integrated to power intuitive voice and text solutions for your Wealth Management customers. Your customers will use voice or text to access the customer portal, like talking to a human advisor.

Conversational onboarding, KYC and eliciting the customer's investment objectives and risk tolerance through conversation.

A conversational interface for life-event and cash flow planning. Our software can converse freely on projects or activities that have a financial and schedule impact and update financial models. Our software understands concepts (life events) like going to school, buying a car, buying/renting a house, building a family, building a business, taking vacation – that have an impact on cash flow and schedule. Health care, security through insurance, saving, investing or trading also have a financial impact and can be considered holistically in these conversations.

Conversational Trading
VerbalAccess converses with clients similar to how a human trader would, offloading traders from low-level tasks and enabling them to focus on selling and account development. Using Voice Trading, your clients can:

  • Execute trades.
  • Query their transaction history.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Check the values of their equities, options and mutual funds.

Conversational interface with robo-advisor software.

High level conversational summary of changes in a client’s portfolio and conversational access to a client portal.

VerbalAccess interoperates with SenseBased semantic search, enabling investors to quickly find relevant information about the market, financial products, trading terms, etc.


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