01 Function

VerbalAccess provides plain English access to data. It searches for information in a database, and can initiate transactions – all though a voice interface (or typing). Information can be a banking transaction, a fee charged, a particular insurance coverage or a trade.

Users access information using plain English. Instead of clicking on a screen, the user simply speaks (or types).

As most people omit details when they speak, VerbalAccess will prompt for missing information and clarify any ambiguity it detects.

VerbalAccess summarizes a transaction to the user before submitting it to the back-end software, asking for confirmation to proceed.

It then delivers the validated transaction to your back-end software, and translates output from your back-end software into English. Other languages can be supported through precise translation to English and from English.

Think of VerbalAccess as a GUI-compatible interface. Whatever data is exchanged today between your mobile app or online browser interface and your back-end software can be exchanged with VerbalAccess.

02 Interface

VerbalAccess calls the same APIs your mobile app or online interface calls. APIs for viewing transactions by date range, making a payment, making a transfer between accounts and adding a payee are the key APIs necessary to get started. VerbalAccess can easily call any other APIs.

The VerbalAccess client source code is embedded into your app, so it can run into the authenticated environment.

Adding a single button to your current mobile or online GUI is all it takes to open a text window and start conversing with VerbalAccess - the user then speaks or types.

03 Benefits

VerbalAccess deflects a large percentage of calls to your Contact Center, increasing live agent productivity and saving money.

Customers no longer wait on the line – VerbalAccess increases customer satisfaction and retention.

VerbalAccess learns the customer’s financial context and objectives and is able to recommend products or services that can benefit the customer – increasing sales.

VerbalAccess is the future of the self-care customer experience. This 24/7 personalized financial assistant appeals to millennial, connected customers in motion. They can text to VerbalAccess, or speak to it hands-off while driving or walking. VerbalAccess will help your FI attract and retain these desirable, tech-savy customers who are gradually becoming the key percentage of your customer population.

Personalized digital experience.

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