Really under tand your customers.
Get control over chatbot answers.

Instantly add voice and text capabilities
to your website and your app.


Online applications
interface through a GUI in
a browser or mobile app.


Here's how our pipeline can voice-enable
and text-enable your current applications

NLU server converses with the user, gathers and clarifies information, calls
the same API’s as your mobile app, browser or embedded interface:

Get the best of both worlds:

The coverage of Machine Learning (ML) and the fine
understanding and control over answers which only
rule-based approaches provide.

Our massively rule-based approach helps
your ML-based NLU software:

  • Make sense of more user utterances. Better deal with UMM (unsupported, misunderstood, mismatched utterances).
  • Extract ALL the entities and relations, modality and negation from utterances.
  • Handle out-of- turn utterances.
  • Handling more dialogue acts, including user clarification requests. Use reinforcement learning to take the user's sentiment into account when answering.