How it works


Completion & Clarification

Most people don’t provide all the information required when they speak. VerbalAccess prompts for missing details and clarifies any ambiguity it detects.


Calls your API's

VerbalAccess extracts the information from the the customer approved transaction and sends it to the right API. As an example, in banking these would be API’s for viewing transactions by date range, making a payment, making a transfer between accounts or adding a payee.


Customer Approval

VerbalAccess summarizes the transaction verbally, seeking customer approval before submitting it to the back-end software.


Messages to customer

Output VerbalAccess clarifies and prompts for needed information. Messages sent to your mobile or web interfaces are displayed and spoken by VerbalAcces.

The VerbalAccess client source code is embedded into your
app, so it can run into the authenticated environment.

By adding a Click to speak/type button to your existing mobile app or web
online interface, you speech or type enable your existing applications.


Increased productivity

VerbalAccess deflects a large percentage of calls made to a Contact Center, increasing live agent productivity and saving money.


Better customer retention

Customers no longer wait on the line – VerbalAccess increases customer satisfaction and retention.


Connectivity in motion

VerbalAccess is the future of the self-care customer experience. A personalized financial assistant built on top of VerbalAccess will appeal to millennial, connected customers in motion. They can text to VerbalAccess, or speak to it hands-off while driving or walking.

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SenseBased Semantic Search

SenseBased is an efficient search took for your customer facing website (non authenticated environment). It can also be integrated with VerbalAccess to answer questions naturally occurring during conversation on a transaction. SenseBased can also be deployed on your internal intraweb, to easily find relevant information about product features, policies and procedures.

Validation at a top five Canadian bank confirmed major improvements in: