We announced major improvements to our conversation technology in a press release about our Bot Colony ( www.botcolony.com ) videogame, that was updated on February 28


At North Side ( www.northsideinc.com) we're using the same generic Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology to power both our Bot Colony ( www.botcolony.com) videogame and financial services applications.

Many players have long (the record was 7 hours!) conversations with our virtual characters - which show some serious engagement! The feedback from these sessions helps us understand broad, day-to-day English in a more robust way.

Penny Crossman from American Banker covered the application of our NLU technology to financial services on February 9, 2017:


Why does broader understanding of everyday English matter in financial services? We believe that every vertical NLU application is anchored in some deep human need. A vertical like financial services is very broad, because almost every life event has some financial impact. Consider life events like going to school, buying a car, buying/renting a house, building a family, building a business, traveling, health care, security through insurance. Saving , trading and investing - and wealth management in general - must be considered holistically in the context of such life events.

We believe that intelligent assistants able to understand the everyday life context of an utterance will be in a position to offer more relevant assistance in a vertical like financial services, and will be a lot more engaging. Stay tuned for announcements from North Side on this topic.

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