• VerbalAccess converses with your customers to identify their insurance needs and acquire the necessary information. It then interfaces with your existing quote engine and generates an insurance quote.

• VerbalAccess can generate quotes for life-insurance, long-term disability and serious illness, income protection on the personal side (Liberty Mutual PoC).

• VerbalAccess can generate quotes for Casualty Insurance products (car, home insurance). It can also handle Amendments to existing policies (add a driver, change vehicle, add specific items to a home policy)

02 Claim taking

VerbalAccess converses with customers to gather the basic claim details, offloading the live agent from the routine part of the claim taking task.

03 Answering questions

- VerbalAccess can answer coverage questions like “What is my dental coverage?” or “How much do I get if a tree falls on my garage?”

- Internally, VerbalAccess can answer questions on historic premium paid by a customer, or claim information

Combined with our SenseBased semantic search, it can

• Answer complex insurance questions on policies, complex products like annuities and universal life.

• Track requests/issues in a CRM system

• Answer questions on features of insurances provided by credit card issuers (travel, delayed baggage, hotel room, purchase warranty, etc)

Personalized digital experience.

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