Insurance requires dialogue modelling for applications such as first report of loss, or insurance quote generation.

North Side's Dialog Graph navigates a dialog tree (graph) at run time and selects new prompts based on the customer's answers. Out-of-turn clarifications or comments can be accomodated, and the dialog will resume.


Casualty Insurance

Using the same dialogue graph technology, an insurance company can easily generate quotes auto or life insurance, and handle amendments to existing policies, such as adding a driver, changing the vehicle or adding a coverage for home insurance.

Even though the virtual agent will stick to a conversation script, it can still answer clarification questions from the customer and then get back on track.


Life and Disability Insurance

This enables us to converse and elicit all the necessary information to generate a life-insurance or long-term disability quote, or take a claim.

SenseBased accesses product, policy and procedure intrawebs and answers agent or customer questions about the terms of insurance policies.