Your customers will relate to a VerbalAccess based solution like a personalized virtual Telephone Banker who’s aware of their financial context. VerbalAccess will remember their recurring payments and revenues, the credit and investment products they have. VerbalAccess will also be aware of their preoccupations from the conversations it had in the past. See the Technology behind VerbalAccess.

VerbalAccess helps customers manage their finances, plan payments and fund them (PFM).

• It can initiate through voice any transaction currently done through your mobile app or browser interface—see Technology / API access

• Customers use their own words to find payments, refer to payees, or set up automatic payments.

• Verbal Access learns how an individual customer talks about particular expense categories (eg, hydro bills, gas bills, the gym) and maps his particular words to the correct payee (utility, gas station operator or health club).

• Verbal Access is able to add new payees conversationally. You can refer to family relations (dad, my sister, my friend), job functions (the plumber, the dentist), or organization names (my health club). VerbalAccess will add them the first time you use them, so you can speak naturally to make payments or query past payments.

• Verbal Access handles intuitive or imprecise references to time periods or places (last month, Tuesday, over Christmas, in Mexico).

VerbalAccess can be used together with SenseBased to answer customer questions about credit products, credit cards, or helping them find ways to save money.


Email us to request a hands-on evaluation

You'll be able to login and speak or type to VerbalAccess from a browser or from a mobile phone (requires a download). For production, we'll provide the source code needed to call VerbalAccess from your app.