Bot Colony and the Turing Test

2013-03-29 AyameNose

“Just ask Jimmy [North Side's robot] if Ayame [North Side's nominal adult human] can put her little finger all the way up her nose.” This line concludes Robert French’s reaction to my letter (which was in reaction to his article Moving Beyond the Turing Test in Dec. 2012). My letter and his reaction to it [...]

What happened in the last two years

We surfaced back after two and half years of silence. So what happened in that time? Here’s some North Side and Bot Colony lore for those who don’t know the company and game history. North Side started working on the language pipeline WAY back in 2001 (then we were only two). We focused from the [...]

Bot Colony Beta Starts TODAY!

Bot Colony Invitation - front

Bot Colony: learning English and improving analytical skills

As you play Bot Colony, you’ll travel through an exotic island and have many conversations with robots and occasional humans. In order to be understood by our virtual characters (robots or humans), you must speak good English. There will be a version of the game (our ESL Beta) configured so that characters give you feedback [...]

Bot Colony – the novel

After almost two years of work (mostly week-ends, evenings and early mornings), the Bot Colony manuscript is complete! The novel weaves industrial espionage, Computational Linguistics and robotics into a science-fiction thriller. The book will soon go to print. We’re in a race against time to complete the Closed-Beta software. Buyers of the books will get [...]

Interview with Mark Marino on WRT

  Mark asked some interesting questions in his interview. I’ve already had to post a clarification of our claim to ”free-from unrestricted English’, which is causing the cognoscenti to raise their eyebrows. By ‘free-from unrestricted English’ we mean that there will be no lexical limitations (most English words are understood) and no syntactic limitations (as long [...]

Great reception for Bot Colony at GDC

Bot Colony generated some genuine excitement at GDC. We heard the comments:”this is the most innovative game at GDC”, “this is very innovative” many times at booth 5016 NH. We want to thank all the people who are interested to participate in the upcoming closed Beta of the game. We will get back to you [...]

Bot Colony rollout

After some 6 years of work on the technology, and about 18 months on the prototype, the rollout of the Bot Colony at GDC is a huge milestone for us. The game relies on some very innovating Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. We believe it is the first conversation game ever